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You can find the first prostate cancer case hereunder.
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PCa Case 1 - This Belgian brewer has mHSPC; How would you treat him?

Mark, 68 years old, is the owner of a brewery in a suburb of Ghent. Last year, he won two international prizes for his famous beer, which is praised for its inimitable taste and spicy aroma.
He was recently diagnosed with high-risk metastatic hormone-sensitive PCa.

  • Medical history: no abnormalities
  • Symptoms: back pain and weight loss over the last few months
  • ECOG PS: 1
  • Bone scan: 8 highly suspicious areas for metastatic prostate cancer (4 on ribs, 4 on spine)
  • CT: locally advanced prostatic mass, 2 enlarged pelvic lymph nodes (3 cm)
  • PSA: 67 ng/ml
  • Prostate biopsy: ISUP grade group 5 (Gleason 4+5)
Which option would you recommend for this patient?

(click on the option you would recommend & compare your answer with your colleagues & Prof. Axel Merseburger)

A. ADT monotherapy
B. ADT + docetaxel
C. ADT + AR-pathway inhibitor
D. ADT + RT to the prostate + systemic agent

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