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1. Submit your abstract

Submit your abstract or case report to the Global Congress on Prostate & Bladder Cancer 2020.
Deadline: 14 August (23:59 CEST)

We will provide you with an interactive platform to take your work to a new level.
Share and discuss your work with experts and peers, and get immediate feedback.

Submission is now open

2. Promote your work

All accepted* abstract submitters will be invited to send in a digital poster (PDF). You can add a short video to point viewers on the important aspects of your work.
Deadline: 30 September (23:59 CEST)

All digital posters will be published online and shared before the conference.
Allow other delegates to discover your poster and get in touch.

*Decision will be sent out by email after the submission deadline.


3. Discuss with participants

Posters will be published online and you can discuss with participants.

Prior to the conference, 3 poster winners (selected by the scientific committee) will be announced whom will be allowed to present their work. 

4. Distribute your poster to the Mirrors of Medicine network

To maximise visibility of your work, we will share your poster with the +7.000 members of the Mirrors of Medicine community.

A digital abstract book will be available for all participants.

How to submit an abstract or case report? (rules & specifications)
Go to the abstract submission website (PROSCABLADDR) of our partner Morressier and follow the instructions carefully. 
Rules & specifications:
  • All abstracts must be written in English.
  • Abstract length is limited to 450 words. The character limit includes the abstract text, table and picture, but not the title and the authors.
  • Abstracts (other than case reports) should include: Introduction & Objectives / Materials & methods / Results / Conclusions
  • Case reports should include: Introduction / Patient information or Clinical findings / Diagnosis and/or Treatment / Conclusions
  • Figures, tables and/or pictures can be added under ‘More information’ – you can only upload one attachment.
  • The title and body text must not contain information such as names of the authors, names of institute or company, trademarks (generic names should be used), website and email addresses.
  • If the author(s) have any commercial interests or associations that might pose a conflict of interest regarding this submission, they must be declared at the end of your abstract submission.
  • You are responsible for the content and accuracy of the abstract/case report.
  • You confirm that the abstract submission has been approved by all authors.
  • The abstract will be reproduced exactly as submitted. No proofreading will be done.
  • You can edit your submitted abstract/case report until the abstract submission deadline.
  • Encore abstracts can be submitted.
  • Abstracts / case reports will not be accepted after the submission deadline.
  • There is no limit to the number of abstracts/case reports an author may submit, but you should not submit the same data twice, even in a different format. Duplicate abstracts will be deleted.
  • Please note that, once your abstract/case report is accepted, you will automatically be registered for the congress.
  • If applicable, a winning poster can’t be presented by an employee from a pharmaceutical / device company.
  • In case of issues with adding symbols: you can search the symbol via e.g. Google Search and copy paste the symbol.
  • The person who submits the abstract will be listed as the first and contact author, and therefore all communications will be directed to them. We can change the order of the authors however if needed, we would just need to be contacted and provided with the correct order via support@morressier.com. The first author is then treated as the contact author.
For technical questions: support@morressier.com 
For other questions: info@prosca.org or info@bladdr.org 

Technical questions

The abstract & case report submission is being handled through our partner Morressier.
For technical questions, contact support@morressier.com



Your abstract is your ticket for PROSCA & BLADDR 2020.
Once your abstract is accepted, you are automatically registered for the congress.


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