Case 2 - Didier, a critical art critic from Paris - Global Congress on Prostate and Bladder Cancer

Didier, 69 years old, became an art critic after a failed attempt to become a famous painter. He briefly worked as a nude model, but was never happy with the results from the art students and found himself criticizing them all the time.

He underwent radical prostatectomy for localised prostate cancer 2.5 years ago: pT2aNx, pathological ISUP grade group 2 (Gleason score 3+4), positive surgical margins. Didier’s PSA remained undetectable until 3 months ago.

Recent diagnostic work-up:

  • PSA: 0.3 ng/mL (first measurable PSA 3 months ago: 0.2 ng/mL)
  • Comorbidities: 6 months ago angina pectoris, now stable

Which option do you consider most appropriate for Didier?