How to get there

Convento to Beato
Rua do Beato 48
1950-427 Lisbon

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From Lisbon International Airport

By taxi

The easiest way to reach the congress venue is by taxi. 
Travel time to congress venue: 11 minutes (without traffic). 

The price to get to the venue from the airport will be about 12 euro. Receipts for taxi services are available. The charge varies depending on the time of the day/night and whether or not you have luggage. 

Telephone number: +351 302 099 910 
Mobile number: +351 920 159 011 
More information: 

By bus or train

From the airport, you can easily reach the Estação do Oriente by bus or train.

From the Estação do Oriente, you can take bus line 210 (direction Cais Sodré) and stop at "Beato". 

All information can be found here:

From the city centre

You can reach the city centre by taxi. It will take about 20 minutes, depending on the traffic. 

Parking possibilities

In case you want to park your car, you can use the public parking in front of the venue. 

Rua do Beato 48
1950-427 Lisbon